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Contact Tip ECU L45, 0.8MM

M6 X45X0.8

Discover the M6 X45X0.8 metric screw, an essential component for various projects. Find the right size and specifications for your needs. Shop now for quality screws at competitive prices.



The M6 X45X0.8 screw is categorized as a metric screw due to its standardized dimensions. The “M6” denotes the screw’s thread diameter, which is 6 millimeters. This measurement is crucial when selecting compatible nuts or other fasteners. The “X45” represents the screw’s length or overall size. In this case, it indicates a length of 45 millimeters. The length is measured from the underside of the screw’s head to its tip. Lastly, the “0.8” signifies the pitch of the screw. The pitch refers to the distance between adjacent threads on the screw’s shaft. In this case, the pitch is 0.8 millimeters, meaning that there is a 0.8-millimeter gap between each thread. The M6 X45X0.8 screw is commonly utilized in various mechanical, construction, and DIY projects that require a reliable fastening solution. Its metric dimensions make it compatible with corresponding nuts and threaded holes. It is important to note that specific applications may require different types of screws based on factors such as material compatibility, load-bearing capacity, or corrosion resistance.

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