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500W, 10mm keyless chuck Rotary Drill   KU110K

The KU110K is a powerful 500W rotary drill with a 10mm keyless chuck for quick and easy bit changes. It offers variable speed control, forward/reverse drilling modes, and an integrated LED light for improved visibility. Ergonomically designed for comfort and durability, this compact drill is perfect for a wide range of drilling tasks in various materials.



500W, 10mm keyless chuck Rotary Drill      KU110K

The KU110K is a powerful and versatile rotary drill designed to tackle a wide range of drilling tasks with ease. Featuring a 10mm keyless chuck, this drill offers quick and convenient bit changes without the need for additional tools. Whether you’re drilling into wood, metal, or plastic, the KU110K delivers consistent and precise results. With a maximum power output of 500 watts, this rotary drill provides ample power to handle demanding drilling applications. Its high-performance motor ensures efficient operation and allows you to complete your tasks in less time. The variable speed control enables you to adjust the drilling speed according to the material and application, providing optimal control and accuracy. The KU110K is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling during prolonged use. Its lightweight construction reduces fatigue and strain on your hands and arms, allowing you to work for longer periods without discomfort. The drill’s compact size and slim profile make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, making it ideal for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Equipped with a range of features to enhance user experience, the KU110K offers both forward and reverse drilling modes, enabling easy removal of screws or bolts. The built-in depth stop allows for consistent drilling depth, ensuring precision in repetitive drilling tasks. Additionally, the integrated LED light illuminates the drilling area, providing improved visibility in dimly lit environments. The KU110K rotary drill is a reliable and durable tool built to withstand the rigors of regular use. Its robust construction and quality materials ensure long-lasting performance and durability. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, you can trust that the KU110K will deliver exceptional results and provide excellent value for your investment.

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