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Flap Disc  100 X 16   Grit 60/80/120

The Flap Disc is a versatile abrasive tool designed for grinding and finishing applications. With a diameter of 100mm and a mounting hole size of 16mm, it is suitable for use on various power tools. Available in grit options of 60, 80, and 120, this flap disc provides different levels of coarseness to meet different grinding requirements. Its flaps are made of high-quality abrasive cloth, which ensures durability and efficient material removal. Whether you need to remove rust, deburr edges, or smooth surfaces, this Flap Disc is a reliable choice.



Flap Disc 100 X 16   Grit 60/80/120

The Flap Disc with a diameter of 100mm and a mounting hole size of 16mm is a versatile abrasive tool that finds applications in grinding and finishing tasks across various industries. Whether you are working with metal, wood, or other materials, this flap disc offers efficient and precise material removal, making it an indispensable tool in workshops, fabrication shops, and construction sites. The grit size of the flap disc determines its coarseness and suitability for different applications. The available options for this Flap Disc are 60, 80, and 120 grit. The 60-grit flap disc is the coarsest option and is ideal for heavy material removal, such as grinding down welds, removing rust, or deburring rough edges. The 80-grit flap disc provides a medium level of coarseness and is suitable for general-purpose grinding and surface preparation. The 120-grit flap disc offers a finer finish and is commonly used for light material removal, blending surfaces, or achieving a smooth finish. The Flap Disc features high-quality abrasive cloth flaps that are securely mounted on a backing plate. These flaps are designed to wear evenly during use, ensuring consistent performance throughout the disc’s lifespan. The abrasive cloth is chosen for its durability and ability to withstand high-speed grinding without disintegrating. The flaps are angled to provide a cutting action and facilitate smooth grinding, reducing the risk of gouging or leaving unwanted marks on the workpiece. This Flap Disc is compatible with various power tools, including angle grinders and pneumatic grinders, thanks to its 16mm mounting hole size. It can be easily installed and replaced, allowing for quick and efficient disc changes during grinding operations. Whether you need to remove welding scale, deburr rough edges, blend weld seams, or achieve a smooth surface finish, the Flap Disc is a reliable and versatile choice. Its combination of high-quality materials, different grit options, and ease of use makes it a valuable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With this Flap Disc in your arsenal, you can tackle a wide range of grinding and finishing tasks with confidence and precision.

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