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Flashback Arrestor


A flashback arrestor is a safety device designed to prevent the occurrence and propagation of potentially hazardous flashbacks in systems that involve the use of combustible gases or substances. Flashbacks are sudden and often dangerous occurrences where flames or explosions travel back through the gas supply lines, leading to serious accidents and damage to equipment.



Flashback Arrestor

The primary function of a flashback arrestor is to detect and halt the progression of a flashback, effectively preventing it from reaching the gas source or storage area. It accomplishes this through a combination of various safety mechanisms that act swiftly to disrupt the chain reaction and extinguish the flame.

Typically, a flashback arrestor consists of three main components: a flame arrestor, a non-return valve, and a thermal cutoff valve. The flame arrestor is a specially designed element that incorporates fine mesh screens or porous materials, effectively quenching the flame by dissipating heat and preventing it from passing through. The non-return valve ensures that the gases can only flow in one direction, preventing any backflow. The thermal cutoff valve, on the other hand, responds to excessive heat and closes the gas supply, preventing further fuel from feeding the flame.

Flashback arrestors find extensive use in a wide range of industries where flammable gases or substances are utilized, including welding and cutting operations, gas distribution systems, fuel storage facilities, and laboratories. They provide an essential layer of protection, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

It is crucial to select the appropriate flashback arrestor for a specific application, considering factors such as gas type, flow rates, pressure, and compatibility with the system. Regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement of flashback arrestors are also important to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Overall, flashback arrestors are indispensable safety devices that play a critical role in preventing dangerous flashbacks and maintaining a secure working environment in industries where flammable gases are handled. By effectively interrupting and extinguishing flames, they significantly reduce the potential for accidents and provide peace of mind to operators and workers.

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