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Insulator & Gas Diffuser Series


Looking for 24KD, 25AK, 36KD, PANA-350, PANA-500, ESAB-250, ESAB-500, or OTC-350 welding equipment? Explore our wide selection of high-quality welding tools and accessories. Shop now for reliable and efficient welding solutions at competitive prices.


This keyword represents a selection of welding equipment and components, featuring various models and brands. Each item listed represents a specific welding machine, torch, or related product. The models mentioned include the 24KD, 25AK, and 36KD, which could refer to specific types of welding torches or consumables associated with them. Additionally, the PANA-350 and PANA-500 are likely models of welding machines manufactured by a company called PANA, offering different capabilities and power outputs.

Furthermore, the keyword includes the ESAB-250 and ESAB-500, which are possibly models of welding machines produced by ESAB, a well-known welding equipment manufacturer. These models likely differ in terms of power output and features, catering to various welding needs. Lastly, the OTC-350 listed could be another model of a welding machine, possibly manufactured by OTC, a reputable brand in the welding industry.

Overall, this keyword encompasses a range of welding equipment and components from various brands, each with its own specifications and intended applications.

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