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Non Woven Wheels4″ X 1″DensityU1/U3/U5/U8

The Non-Woven Wheels measure 4″ x 1″ and are available in U1, U3, U5, and U8 densities. Constructed with high-quality synthetic fibers, these abrasive wheels are versatile and suitable for various surface finishing tasks. They offer consistent results, easy installation, and compatibility with different power tools.



Non Woven Wheels4″ X 1″DensityU1/U3/U5/U8

The Non-Woven Wheels are high-quality abrasive tools designed for various surface finishing applications. Measuring 4 inches in diameter and 1 inch in thickness, these wheels are constructed with premium non-woven synthetic fibers. The U1, U3, U5, and U8 density options offer different levels of abrasiveness to suit a wide range of material and finishing requirements.


These wheels are versatile and can be used on metal, wood, plastics, and composites, making them ideal for applications such as deburring, blending, cleaning, and polishing. The non-woven construction provides a consistent finish without damaging the workpiece, ensuring precise and uniform results.


Featuring a durable design, these wheels offer excellent longevity and resistance to wear. They are compatible with various power tools, including bench grinders, angle grinders, and polishing machines, providing flexibility and convenience in different working environments.


The Non-Woven Wheels are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are designed to deliver efficient material removal while minimizing heat generation, reducing the risk of workpiece distortion or discoloration. Whether you are working on a small DIY project or a large-scale industrial application, these wheels offer reliable performance and consistent results.

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