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Non Woven Wheels6″ X 2″DensityU000/U00/U0/U1/U3/U5/U8

The Non Woven Wheels (6″ X 2″) are durable and versatile abrasive tools made from high-quality synthetic fibers. Available in various densities (U000, U00, U0, U1, U3, U5, U8), these wheels are suitable for different surface finishes and material removal tasks. Ideal for metalworking, woodworking, and automotive applications. Compatible with bench grinders, angle grinders, and polishing machines.



Non Woven Wheels6″ X 2″DensityU000/U00/U0/U1/U3/U5/U8

The Non Woven Wheels with a diameter of 6 inches and a thickness of 2 inches are a versatile and reliable abrasive tool for various applications. These wheels are made from high-quality non-woven synthetic fibers that are bonded together to create a durable and consistent abrasive surface. With different density options including U000, U00, U0, U1, U3, U5, and U8, you can choose the level of aggressiveness and surface finish required for your specific task.


The U000 density is the softest option, providing gentle cleaning and polishing action, making it ideal for delicate surfaces. U00 density offers slightly more abrasiveness, suitable for light surface preparation and blending tasks. U0 density strikes a balance between surface preparation and finishing, making it a versatile choice for general purpose applications.


For tasks that require more material removal and surface leveling, the U1 and U3 density options are recommended. U5 density provides even higher aggressiveness, making it suitable for heavy-duty cleaning and deburring applications. Finally, the U8 density is the most aggressive option, designed for demanding tasks that require rapid material removal and shaping.


These non woven wheels are commonly used in industries such as metalworking, woodworking, automotive, aerospace, and general maintenance. They can be mounted on a variety of tools such as bench grinders, angle grinders, and polishing machines using compatible arbors or adapters. With their excellent cutting ability, consistent performance, and long service life, these non woven wheels are a reliable choice for achieving high-quality finishes and efficient material removal.

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