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Grinding Wheels 150 x 6 x 31.75

Grinding Wheels 150 x 6 x 31.75: High-quality abrasive tools for precise grinding. Diameter: 150mm, thickness: 6mm, center hole diameter: 31.75mm. Ideal for metalworking and fabrication. Durable, efficient, and consistent performance.



Grinding Wheels 150 x 6 x 31.75

Grinding Wheels 150 x 6 x 31.75 are abrasive tools designed for various grinding applications. With a diameter of 150 mm, a thickness of 6 mm, and a center hole diameter of 31.75 mm, these wheels are commonly used in industries such as metalworking, fabrication, and construction. They are made with high-quality abrasive materials and a bonded structure to ensure efficient material removal, smoothing surfaces, and sharpening edges. The 150 x 6 x 31.75 dimensions make them suitable for use with bench grinders and other compatible grinding machines. These grinding wheels offer durability, precision, and consistent performance, making them essential for achieving accurate and smooth grinding results.

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