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Grinding Wheels 200 x 20 x 31.75

Highly efficient and durable, these 200mm diameter grinding wheels with a 20mm thickness and 31.75mm bore size are perfect for metalworking tasks. Achieve precise results and a smooth finish with these versatile wheels, suitable for industrial and DIY applications.




Grinding Wheels 200 x 20 x 31.75

These grinding wheels are designed to be highly efficient in various metalworking applications. With a diameter of 200mm, a thickness of 20mm, and a bore size of 31.75mm, they offer a versatile solution for grinding tasks. The wheels are constructed with abrasive materials that provide excellent durability and consistent performance. Whether you need to sharpen tools, remove material, or achieve a smooth finish, these grinding wheels deliver reliable results. Their carefully engineered design ensures precision and stability during operation, making them suitable for both industrial and DIY applications.


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