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Non Woven Wheels8″ X 1″Density U00/U0/U1/U3/U5/U8

The Non-Woven Wheels are 8 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick, designed for surface finishing and blending. Made from synthetic fibers, they come in different density grades (U00/U0/U1/U3/U5/U8) to suit various applications. Ideal for removing rust, paint, and coatings, these wheels provide efficient and controlled cutting without heat buildup. With their large contact area and stability, they ensure smooth and refined finishes on different surfaces. Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking reliable and versatile surface treatment tools.



Non Woven Wheels8″ X 1″Density U00/U0/U1/U3/U5/U8

The Non-Woven Wheels with a diameter of 8 inches and a thickness of 1 inch are versatile tools designed for various surface finishing and blending applications. These wheels are made from non-woven synthetic fibers that are bonded together to create a dense and uniform structure, ensuring consistent performance and durability.


Available in different density grades such as U00, U0, U1, U3, U5, and U8, these wheels offer a wide range of options to suit specific needs and preferences. The density grading refers to the level of aggressiveness or stiffness of the wheel. A higher density grade indicates a more abrasive and rigid wheel, while a lower grade offers a softer and more flexible surface treatment.


Non-woven wheels are commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, and other industries where precise and controlled finishing is required. They are ideal for removing rust, paint, and coatings, as well as for deburring, blending, and polishing applications. The unique structure of these wheels allows for consistent cutting action without excessive heat buildup or loading, resulting in improved efficiency and extended tool life.


With their 8-inch diameter, these wheels provide a larger contact area, enabling faster material removal and reducing overall working time. The 1-inch thickness ensures stability and control during operation, minimizing vibration and enhancing user safety.


Whether you’re a professional craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, these Non-Woven Wheels are a reliable choice for achieving smooth and refined finishes on various surfaces. Their high-quality construction and wide density range make them suitable for a wide range of tasks, from heavy material removal to fine polishing, ensuring superior results every time.

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